IFM sensors, networking and control systems

IFM CR0401

Programmable controller for mobile machines

IFM CR0401 Programmable controller for mobile machines.jpg

Number of inputs
Digital : 12; analogue : 4; Number of frequency inputs: 4; Number of resistor inputs: 4; Number of digital outputs: 8

Number of outputs
Number of digital outputs 8
Number of PWM outputs 8

Number of CAN interfaces 2

IFM CR0401

Programmable graphic display for controlling mobile machines

IFM CR0451 Programmable Display for mobile machines
  • Robust HMI for fast and simple installation
  • Optimised for cost-efficient system solutions
  • High-performance CAN interfaces for various communication tasks
  • User-friendly handling by means of backlit function keys with tactile feedback
  • Freely programmable to IEC 61131-3 with CODESYS 2.3

IFM Display / HMI

Displays with monitoring, pulse signals, limit monitoring

IFM Display-HMI
  • Intuitive handling due to touch display and plain text
  • Change of display to red/yellow/green when set
  • limit is exceeded or not reached
    High input frequency
  • Freely scalable display values and signal combinations
  • Analogue output or switching output for monitoring

Vision systems

Cameras for collision protection, and positioning.

IFM 2D 3D Vision systems
  • O3R platform for centralised information processing
  • Synchronisation of several camera heads for all-round coverage
  • Great flexibility through a wide range of variants
  • Standardised SDKs for Docker architecture as well as Python, C++, CUDA and ROS
  • Latest time-of-flight imager with high extraneous light stability

IFM Level Sensors

IFM Level sensors
  • High reliability due to the elimination of mechanical components
  • Different function principles: Guided wave radar, capacitive and hydrostatic
  • Devices for limit level detection or continuous level measurement
  • Clearly visible LED display
  • Suitable for all common industrial and process fluids

IFM Flow Sensors

IFM Flow sensors
  • For liquids and gases
  • Versions for the use in hygienic applications
  • Variable process connection using adapters
  • Flow monitoring also for aggressive media

Temperature sensors

IFM Temperature sensors for mobile machines
  • Units with integrated or separate evaluation electronics
  • Modular concept for a large variety of applications
  • High process safety due to self-monitoring
  • Variable process connection using adapters
  • High shock and vibration resistance

IFM I/O modules

IFM I-O modules for mobile machines
  • Decentralised connection of sensors and actuators
  • Multifunctional configurable input and output channels
  • High-performance CAN interface for various communication tasks
  • Modules with M12, DEUTSCH or central connectors
  • E1 type approval by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority)
IFM Displays Sensors Condition monitoring

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