Seedling Tray Washer

Seedling Tray Washer

Manual Feed
Seedling Tray Washer

Semi-Auto Feed
Seedling Tray Washer

Automatic Seedling
Tray & Frame Washer

manual feed seedling tray washer

An entry level manual fed washing system that provides quality cleaning at an affordable price.

Semi-Auto seedling tray washer

A cost effective belt feed washer that archive higher volumes of consistent cleaning and maintaining quality.

Auto seedling Tray & Frame washer

Automated tray and frame washing systems with automatic de-stacking and re-stacking with throughputs of up to 1000+ trays per/hour

Euro Pumps Propagation Tray and Frame Washers

Euro Pumps Seedling tray, Plug trays and punnett washers are designed to eliminate risk of cross contamination of viruses, pests, algae and bio hazards affecting the seedlings during propagation.

Talk to us about how Euro Pumps can provide a Seedling tray washing system that matches your needs with throughputs of up to 1000 trays per/hour or more.

In today’s ultra competitive world, any seedlings affected by plant diseases, pests, viruses or other hazards that thrive in propagation mediums can severely damage the financial viability of propagation companies in matters of hours. 

This adds ever-increasing pressure, on the propagation, horticulture industry to remain virus free a Euro Pumps seedling tray washer gives you the necessary tools to minimise the chance of contamination or virus spread

Maintaining correct growth hygiene is vital to the success of your business as studies have shown that reliably cleaning your seedling trays before planting will reduce this risk of bacterial and fungal diseases that can decimate, susceptible seedlings and reduce your propagation success ratio.



Plug tray cleaning machine-Seedling tray cleaning machine

Euro Pumps offer a range of tray and frame washing systems from entry level to fully automatic de-stacking and re-stacking

Plant Propagation washer
Seedling Punnet Tray washer
Vegetable Propagation Tray washer
Rack-Frame tray washer

Seedling Tray Washer

Seedling Tray washer

Seedling Tray Frame Washer

Seadling Grow Washer
seedling tray washer

We can provide the right level of automation for needs

Manual Feed

manual feed seedling tray washer

An entry level washing system that is fed manually that ensures cleaning quality at an affordable price.

  • Driven by our SRT Satellite Cleaning Station Mobile or Wall mount in either a mobile or stationary configuration.

Semi-Auto Feed

Semi-Auto seedling tray washer

A cost effective way to archive higher volumes of cleaning while maintaining quality.

  • 6m infeed and 6m out-feed conveyor
  • Adjustable belt speed for an adaptive clean
  • Driven by an external pump skid or our SRT Satellite in either a mobile or stationary configuration

Automatic Feed

Auto seedling Tray & Frame washer

A fully integrated system designed to clean both trays and the frames they are placed in at very high volumes.


  • The system includes de stacking and restack to improve ease of transport and increase the efficiency of time
  • Trays are cleaned vertically to ensure no sediment or impurities are left at the bottom of the seedling pot
  • Fully automated system which greatly reduces labour while increasing safety

    Euro Pumps Seedling Tray Washer cleaning at 920 seedling tray per hour and 80 carrier frames per hour .

    Propagation Tray Washer

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