Custom Waterproof Equipment Covers

Custom Waterproof Equipment Covers

Euro Pumps manufacture an wide range of waterproof equipment covers to protect your sensitive equipment from cleaning and water ingress.

The benefits of the Euro Pumps waterproof covers are:

  • Durable Construction.
  • A fraction of the cost of a repair or lost production time.
  • Custom made, suit type or size of equipment.
  • Breathable waterproof fabric prevents sweating.


Waterproof Equipment Covers

Plastic is not ideal,  it sweats

Many years ago, Euro Pumps started looking at what could be done, in an effort to reduce ingress within the cleaning cycle.

We would observe the cleaning around electrical boxes trying to understand how water entered the electrical boxes. Firstly, we tried covering electrical components with plastic wrap & bags, as this was convenient & readily available. However it did not work very well as it created sweating/condensation. This is especially risky with PLC’s which are expensive, So it was decided that plastic was not the solution.

After looking further afield, we found Gortex fabric in Colorado which is used for ski clothing, it is waterproof & it breathes eliminating the condensation.

After testing other fabrics over the years we can now totaly recommend our waterproof covers, and can assure you that they will help reduce your ingress andcondensation problems.


Plastic is not the solution
as it creates a barrier around
the equipment keeping condensation
in and letting water pool.

Plastic sweats
Custom Waterproof Equipment Covers for Boxers
Custom Waterproof Equipment Covers for PLC
Custom Waterproof Equipment ProPack Cover

If you like to know more about our custom equipment covers or the way we clean, training, consulting, recommended chemicals, our equipment or if you are looking to save your time, throughout your cleaning cycle in any way, I would love to help

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