Moving to In-House Cleaning

Dear customer

I recently completed an in-house cleaning project with a new customer and wanted to share the case study with you. This project was unique and very satisfying, the main reason is that I was asked to run it as if it was my own contract. This left decision making to me, although management was informed every step of the way. 

The key notes:

  • Moved from contractual cleaners to in house cleaning. This is something I promote as I don’t believe contracting is a good solution, it is profit based with minimal care for the outcomes.
  • Cleaning outcomes were improved dramatically. This is really important as I am passionate about hygiene and how a factory should look.
  • Cleaning numbers were halved. I stipulated in the initial meetings that we would move to midnight starts after training was completed so production could keep running. With practice we learnt that we achieved the extra production but also halved cleaning time. One of my sayings is we are never as fast on the first day as a month later, and we never end with the staff we start with. Gaining speed and reducing costs comes with practice and time. 
  • Incorporated drain cleaning as an additional add on to reduce costs.

I am continuing as a consultant regularly on this plant to keep everything in check. New equipment, change in production schedules etc etc always need to be overseen as cleaners always ask for more, and do not typically offer more.

If you are considering moving from contractual to in house cleaning or are experiencing any problems around staff performance (whether in house or contracted), give me a call and we discuss a review of your plant. Big Dog is available to discuss their experiences working with us and would be happy to take a phone call.

Joanne Field B.A., Euro Pumps, Product Development Manager

Joanne Field B.A.,
Euro Pumps Pty Ltd
Product Development Manager
Mob. 0409 123 850

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